Yo-Zuri 3DR Flat Crank - RBG

Specificatii: 5,5 cm/ 7,5 gr, floating, culoare RBG (model R1320)

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 0,6 m

Specii tinta: stiuca, salau, avat, clean, biban

39,00 lei
Stoc epuizat


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Despre 3DR Flat Crank

"The Yo-Zuri 3DR Flat Crank offers a unique offset lip coupled with the “slab-sided” profile that causes a scatter action on the retrieve. This bait includes rattles that emit high-pitched sounds. The 3DR Flat Crank also offers fishermen internally embossed pectoral fins, available with Internal 3D Prism Finish (select models) and belly scales for realistic baitfish. The preferred fishing method for the 3DR Flat Crank employs the “shovel-lip” design to erratically bounce off underwater structure while avoiding costly snags. A slight pause after the deflection produces viscous strikes".