Rapala Clakin' Rap (CNR-9) - MBS

Specificatii: 9 cm/34 gr, sinking, tip rattling, culoare MBS (Moss Back Shiner)

Adancimea de evolutie - variabila

Specii tinta: somn, avat, stiuca, salau, clean

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"The Clackin' Rap started the "Clackin'" craze with its signature Clackin' Cadence Rattle, the "metal-on-metal" single ball steady beat noise maker that fish can't resist. Transluscent textured body with internal holographic foil creates fish attracting flash that only heightens this lures attraction. 3D holographic eye seals the deal. Hung with VMC SureSet belly hook and black nickel tail hook. Lipless design allows bait to be fished a multitude of ways.


-Signature Clackin' Cadence

-RattleLipless Design

-3D Holographic Eye

-VMC SureSet Belly Hook

-VMC Black Nickel Tail Hook

-X-Style Finish”