Sebile Magic Swimmer 145 - Natural Blue Back Herring

Specificatii: 14,5 cm/44,8 gr, fast sinking, culoare Natural Blue Back Herring

Specii tinta: stiuca, somn

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''Sebile's most renowned lure, the Magic Swimmer is a revolutionary design that undulates its jointed body and presents a very natural swimming action even during steady retrieves. Popular with anglers worldwide and used to attract all species in all types of water, its natural swimming action is just too much for most gamefish to resist. Available in hard or soft versions, the Magic Swimmer is all about the tapered nose and humpbacked head which slices through the water, making turbulence first on one side, then the other. All models (Floating, Sinking and Fast Sinking) are stable swimmers and equally effective whether cast or trolled''.