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Crystal Vib

Specificaţii: 9 cm/25 gr, sinking, culoare GSBL (model F740). Acest model este foarte rar, nu se mai fabrică de câţiva ani.

Made in Japan

Specii ţintă - somn, avat, ştiucă, şalău

"The Crystal Vib isn't your typical vibration lure. It's a revolutionary lure that has created a new category of lures. Its thin minnow shape and highly-detailed appearance will tempt the wariest of the fish. Its subtle and steady vibration sound and natural action will attack the fish. Unlike current vibration lures, the Crystal Vib stays horizontal whether retrieved or allowed to fall (natural rolling action), convincing the fish. And its razor sharp hook will hold the fish. All you have to do is set the hook and say, Fish On! 3D holographic eyes make this lure easy for fish to spot. Superior-quality laser finished body. Flashes just like a real bait fish. Provides incredible tight, vibrating movements. Smooth maneuvering for both a slow and fast retrieve".

Crystal Vib

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