Duel Short Tail Long Cast 60 Mid - LASH

Specificatii: 6 cm/11,5 gr, floating, model F838*, culoare LASH

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 1,2 metri (Mid Depth)

Specii tinta: salau, clean, avat, pastrav, stiuca

*Dimensiunea exacta a barbetei la acest model se poate vedea in foto 2 si 3

44,00 lei
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Despre Short Tail Long Cast:

"New Long Cast Short Tail from Duel. Short Tail swimming action move and roll from left and right. Striking probability high with the profile of the lure. The long cast accurately place the spot even with the head wind, it can decide the place where you aimed. Tested in the immense American lake, the action caught the big fish in rapid succession, proof of the lure capability".

"Only DUEL FOAM material has the ability to enabled the lure to rolling, wobbling, wiggling and its combined dual wobbling actions with repeated motion entices'' fish to bite. The lure has high obstacle avoidance ability while it does not flutter too much. It allows for a long cast against wind to the target point". 

Despre Yo-Zuri/Duel:

"DUEL has been making quality lures, and fishing lines for over 40 years in Japan.
Our quality of products has stood the test of time and continues to be most sought after.
DUEL has two brands, "DUEL" and "YO-ZURI".
"YO-ZURI" has been well established among fishermen worldwide. On the other hand, "DUEL" has developed technologically advanced products that are constantly leading the industry and has become one of the top rated quality hard-baits in the country."DUEL" lures are crafted to be the most realistic looking and have the best actions.
DUEL continues to be committed to giving anglers the best fishing products and strives to be the first with new and better products".