Mepps Tandem Nr.0 - Gold/Green

Specificatii: contine 2 palete marimea Nr.0, greutate 3,5 gr, culoare Gold/Green

Specii tinta: pastrav, clean, biban

Made in France

21,50 lei
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"The flexible axle of the Mepps Tandem gives the lure an utmost fluidity of movement. In better conformity with the natural swimming pattern of the prey fish, this very suppleness increases significantly the triggering effect of the tandem as it allows the angler to subtly vary and adapt its fishing action. 

Moreover, during the fight it makes it almost impossible for the predator to get unhooked through a twisting action onto a stiff point as it often does with stiff lures.

The two blades in harmony amplify the vibrations without disturbing the conformity of the frequencies emitted; increase the optical signals without making them excessive: optimise the "target" signal and the "Flexible Tandem" action demonstrates new and recognizable advantages."