Nories Zag Flash 95 - DF SI Select 01

Specificatii: 9,7 cm/21 gr, sinking, tip silent, culoare DF SI Select 01

Adancimea de evolutie - variabila

Specii tinta: somn, stiuca, avat

Made in Japan

72,00 lei
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"To sum this lure up in one word, phantasmagoric, ZAGFLASH does not have a standard action, instead it can be used to create the action that the angler desires.

• On a straight retrieve the lure wobbles irregularly with a suppressed action

• On a light twitch with slack line it produces a dog walk action and flashing appeal

• On jerk, the lure wiggles violently for maximum flashing appeal

• On stop, the lure falls slightly head first with a wobbling back

• When switching action the lure quickly adjusts for continuous appeal

By using these different actions, the angler can create a lifelike lure that continuously appeals to target sea bass."