Yo-Zuri 3DS Flat Crank - HHAY

Specificatii: 5,5 cm/ 7,5 gr, floating, culoare HHAY (model F1141)

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 0,6 m

Specii tinta: stiuca, salau, avat, clean, biban

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39,00 lei
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Despre 3DS Flat Crank:

"The Yo-Zuri 3DS Series Flat Crank features a unique offset lip coupled with a "slab-sided" profile that combine to create an erratic, scattering action on the retrieve.  The offset “shovel” lip allows it to deflect off underwater structure and cover, while avoiding costly snags, and a slight pause after the deflection is all you need to generate vicious strikes. The 3DS Flat Crank also comes equipped with a unique rattle that emits a high-pitch sound, attracting fish even when they can’t see the bait.

Part of Yo-Zuri’s new 3DS series of baits, it features a noticeably smaller profile designed to excel when fish are heavily pressured and shy away from traditional baits. Offering similar quality rich features as Yo-Zuri’s 3DB family of baits, the truly unique 3DS series is loaded with incredible detailing, including internally embossed details on gills, fins and scales, as well as, vibrant 3D internal prism finishes. Available in a range of incredible colors, the Yo-Zuri 3DS Series Flat Crank is a proven performer the world over".

Despre Yo-Zuri/Duel:

"DUEL has been making quality lures, and fishing lines for over 40 years in Japan.
Our quality of products has stood the test of time and continues to be most sought after.
DUEL has two brands, "DUEL" and "YO-ZURI".
"YO-ZURI" has been well established among fishermen worldwide. On the other hand, "DUEL" has developed technologically advanced products that are constantly leading the industry and has become one of the top rated quality hard-baits in the country."DUEL" lures are crafted to be the most realistic looking and have the best actions.
DUEL continues to be committed to giving anglers the best fishing products and strives to be the first with new and better products".