Yo-Zuri 3DS Vibe 60S - HHWS

Specificatii: 6 cm/14 gr, sinking, tip rattling, culoare HHWS (model F1142)

Adancimea de evolutie - variabila

Specii tinta: avat, stiuca, somn, clean, salau, biban

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The Yo-Zuri 3DS Vibe encompasses all of the attributes of our Classic Rattlin’ Vibe series but in a smaller profile and with faster sinking action. The 3DS Vibe can be used in a variety of fishing conditions but is most effective as a search bait, giving the fisherman the ability to quickly cover large areas of water. Recently the Vibe has been recognized internationally as one of the more effective ice fishing jigs due to the unique design and face-forward weighting, allowing the 3DS Vibe to swim down on the fall in any situation.

  • Available in painted or internationally patented Internal 3D Prism Finishes
  • Strong polycarbonate body
  • Rattling sound system
  • Perfect balance creates a downward swimming action on the fall
  • Black nickel round bend hooks
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