Angler's Republic - Anre's Alexandra AX-35HW - AL51

Specificatii: 3,5 cm/1,9 gr, sinking, culoare AL-51 (model AX-35HW)

Specii tinta: pastrav, clean, biban

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"Flat side twitching minnow that covers from the mountain stream to the main stream

Alexandra, a flat side twitching minnow that has had a great impact with its innovative concept and form. Shoot the pin spot with ups and crosses after fishing, and provoke fish with effective irregular action with a minimum moving distance by operating the rod. I am convinced that it was a pioneering lure that proposed such radical fishing. Delicate and bold game in small mountain streams and upstream of Ozawa, site fishing that makes full use of shaking from falling with awareness of the range in standard mountain streams, and the changing seasons from spring to autumn. Certainty of basic performance does not betray the trust of anglers. The shape and position of the weight are set so that it slides back after landing. The falling posture is closer to the level fall, and the body that has become stronger should not flinch when approaching the racy points. Inherit the good points such as irregular action, flight, and light drag resistance, and experience the ability to not miss a few opportunities on the field".