Hunter Fanatic 9 (26 gr) - A Lipinski

Specificatii: 9 cm/26 gr, sinking, tip silent, culoare A Lipinski

Adancimea de evolutie - variabila

Specii tinta: avat, somn, stiuca

35,00 lei
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Referinte specifice

"Fanatic, este un vobler care a fost conceput cu o specie tinta in mintea proiectantului Lipinski, avatul. Evolueaza pe principiul cicadelor cu vibratie ampla cauzata de fixarea anoului de conexiune pe spinare".

"Work and principle of operation very similar to the Phantoms, however Fanatic has a slightly different structure and completely different colors. The wobblers have received a modern design, under the graphics with realistic scales (fish pictures) there is a shiny holographic foil, thanks to which the wobblers not only resemble live fish more, but are also pleasing to the angler's eye. That's important too, right? Try it, you'll be surprised how easy it is to cheat asp"!