Tiemco Imeru 50S - 001 (LH Yamame)

Specificatii: 5 cm/4,3 gr, sinking, culoare 001 (LH Yamame)

Adancimea de evolutie - variabila

Specii tinta: pastrav, clean, avat, biban

Made in Japan

Tiemco Imeru in actiune

77,00 lei
Stoc propriu

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Referinte specifice

"Imeru 50S as a 4g heavy weighted sinking minnow features a large hollow chamber intended to gain its high buoyancy. Thus it successfully obtained brisk swimming performance at retrieving and also great action response in control with fisherman’s rod work by shaking, soft twitching and hard jerking for wide darting action. Fixed weight is in slightly rear position that enhances great castability and accuracy. Like a lightning as “Imeru” originally means, Imeru 50S is versatile and a perfect choice as a primary lure for run & gun fishing"