Nories Kuwase Shad D62SP - FB White Chartreuse

Specificatii: 6,2 cm/7,3 gr, sinking, tip rattling, culoare FB White Chartreuse

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 2 metri

Specii tinta: somn, stiuca, avat, salau, clean

Made in Japan

76,00 lei
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"Baits that bass like smelt and moyebi shrimp like to eat. Have you ever been surprised at how small it was when you saw the bass spit them out? It is surprisingly common to prey on baits of a size that would never be "match the bait" with a normal-shaped lure. Under such circumstances, the feint bait series can be adapted to a small silhouette size without reducing the flight distance, dive depth, power to pull the bass by pushing water, and tackle power without forcibly using a small lure. "Kuwase Shad" is a deep diving suspend shad with improved fluttering performance. It has a water-pushing appeal that is not too weak even with muddy water, and can be traced firmly around rock belts, masonry, and wave-dissipating blocks. While tracing the bottom slowly and tightly, it is also effective in developing low activity and low water temperature periods that can be eaten at the stop".