Yo-Zuri Livebait Real Minnow 11 cm - ARB

Specificatii: 11 cm/20 gr, floating, model F832, culoare ARB

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 1 metru

Specii tinta: stiuca, somn

42,00 lei
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Beneficiaza de tehnologia "Real Soft Body": corpul este construit dintr-un plastic special, moale si flexibil, pentru a imita cat mai bine pestele prada. Este redus riscul de a fi "scuipat" de catre rapitor, dupa momentul producerii atacului.

"These revolutionary lures easily deceive fish. Why? It's because LIVE BAIT feels almost like real bait - unlike ordinary hard plastic lures, this series is made of specially patented soft, material that is well-balanced, extremely durable and highly elastic. Hard plastic lures are rough and artificial underwater. In comparsion, LIVE BAIT produces soft and natural undulating waves to emulate the motions of real bait. The result is fish are tricked to latch on for a long time - A successful catch. Fish with LIVE BAIT and you'll see that it lives up to it's name! Soft Metal produces with the exquisite balance which action is done, all points were made capture possible. As for four eyes one freedom of using. With normal the hook is installed in the tail eye, but to attach the hook to the eye of the body side and raise landing ratio, the assist hook (selling separately: The W free hook) attaching, you make the catching lighten, attaching the blade to the tail, you make appeal with flashing and/or method of using is free. It is the next generation jig which can be used widely".