Lucky John Arrow Jerk 8F - 003

Specificatii: 8 cm/19 gr, floating, culoare 003

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 0,8 m

Specii tinta: somn, stiuca, avat, salau

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Referinte specifice

"Lucky John Arrow Jerk is an arrow-shaped jerkbait for pike and perch anglers.

It has a gliding swimming action, high-quality finish, and colors designed for the Nordic countries. Its available in two sizes and the F version (Floating) swims at a depth of 0–1 meters.  7 cm is suitable a size for perch fishing.

Arrow Jerk is easy to use with a simple retrieve, but you can spice up the action using a twitching, traditional jerk style.

The Arrow Jerks are equipped with two treble hooks.

Weights: 7 cm / 16 g and 10 cm / 34 g\

Swimming depth: 7 cm / 0-0,5 m and 10 cm / 0-1 m."