Blue Fox Original Vibrax Nr.1 (4 gr) - Gold

Specificatii: 4 gr, culoare Gold

Evolueaza pana la adancimea maxima de 1,3 m

Specii tinta: pastrav, clean, biban

Se livreaza in punguta ziplock (10 x 14 cm)

Filmare cu Vibrax in actiune, la pastrav

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Referinte specifice

"The Blue Fox Vibrax Original consists of a Patented 2 part main body with brass gearing providing the ultimate in free turning action. The blade finishes are brass stamped, available in copper, silver or gold plating.

Heavy duty components such as the VMC hook and stainless steel shaft heighten the Blue Fox Original’s strength, and the unique Anti-Line Twist design completes what is truly an iconic Blue Fox spinner."