Sebile Spin Glider 95 - Orange Fleeing Prey

Specificatii: 9,5 cm/25,3 gr, floating, culoare Orange Fleeing Prey

Specii tinta: stiuca, somn, avat

Se poate transforma intr-un vobler daca se da jos paleta rotativa de pe coada

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37,00 lei
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Referinte specifice

"The Spin Glider is without any doubt the most unconventional lure of the new Sébile range. Get the best of both world mixing a lifelike perch silouhette with a classic spinner motion. Add 360° rotative treble hooks and you get an ultimate pike lure. Available in floating and sinking versions, which are very different from each other. The floating version will go through the lillipad fields and over shallow water in general, with its blade buzzing in surface, while the sinking version will allow you to cover a lot of water volume, being a true power fishing tool".